Tinder-function, forum on resource and faceted search ?


1. Can Xenforo out of the box be made to work as the tinder-app - but, in stead of seeing pictures, reading a profiletext and some bio-data ? I would also prefer to have members join a group based on interest and only being able to see certain other groups profiles. The tinder-app, as I have heard it, is just a simple thing where two people have to show interest in each others profile picture in order to see more of that persons data. The logic is somewhat simple and takes care of problems like women sitting and playing princesses waiting for men to approach them.

2. Years ago, I think I remember amazon having a discussion forum attached to their products - for example books - so when viewing a book, members could post questions in relation to the book. That is something close to what I want. A page or perhaps a resource that automatically is a forum also ... so when we have a concept we are trying to explain, we could have a running discussion on a page - which in xenforo would probably be a resource. A kind of logic blend between a forum and a wiki. It is not enough to have the ability to comment on a resource - it is noisy and does not provide overview or incentive to be specific about something in relation the issue of the page. In the bottom of the resource I imagine there being a simply a forum view where the title of threads are displayed with the usual postbits.

3. Could you explain if faceted search like this for wordpress: https://facetwp.com - is possible to set up for an idiot like me ? I dont know much, nor do I want to know much, about the technical side of it. How complicated is it ?

Hope I have made myself understandable. I am not native english-speaking, so .....

Thanks in advance.
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There is no tinder like functionality for XenForo. Traditional faceted search is not supported in the way you want. You can refine your searches, but traditional faceted search isn't.

You should check put the resource manager, you should be able to accomplish what you need.