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Xenforo v2.2.6 Patch 2
Hi, i found a Bug with the Time limit on editing., in the last xenforo version.

I tested in your demo page and i can replicate, i created a user named test, and create a secondary group named secondary.

The default user group (registered) i dont want the user edit own posts, so i put No.
The Secondary group (secoundary) i put yes to edit posts but only 15 minutes, but if put 1 minute, 2 minutes its always the same the user can always edit the post.

The strange thing is if i choose to the test user to be assigned with only one group not in secoundary works ok, even if i choose Registered or Secondary group in the field user group, but if i choose the 2 groups like in the images the user can always edit the post.

If you wnat i can give you the url demo i tested.





Chris D

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In this particular example, the editing time would be "Unlimited" because that is the value of that permission for the "Registered" group. You can verify this using Analyze permissions which will look something like this:


The solution is that you need to change both the edit post and time limit permissions on both groups. They are evaluated independently of each other.

After setting the time limit on the registered group to 0 it will work as expected: