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Hey Guys,

Not sure if this is a XF issue or a server issue on my end.

My site went live today, got a few posts going now and ive noticed... for example a post that was posted at 7pm will say 7am. So the time is right.. sortof but it seems to lag 12 hours behind. My timezone is set correctly in adminCP. How can I make it so it shows the corect time? Or moreso pm when its pm and am when its am.

I live in Australia. Hosted by and Aus company with the Aus timezone in the adminCP.

Any ideas? cheers


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you have 3 timezone settings:
basic board information
users and registration
and your own profile settings
Ah good man! Thank you. It was just my profile as I just realised my profile is created before I changed the time settings.. DOH! Thanks mate