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I'm looking for a developer to extend forum threads to allow an image attachment to be selected by a user (with appropriate permissions) which will then display the thumbnail on a given tag/search results page.

In addition, there needs to be a default image that is displayed on the results page until the user selects an attachment thumbnail.

Detailed requirements are below:

Requirement #1: association link to be added under Thread Tools
The link for this feature is to be added under Thread Tools. The link should be called Edit attachment thumbnail association and needs to respect permissions as per Requirement #3. i.e. if a user doesn't have permission to edit it, then the link should not appear.
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Requirement #2: overlay needed to select desired attachment thumbnail
Upon clicking the Edit attachment thumbnail association link under Thread Tools, an overlay or new page should appear (whichever is easier to implement).

The overlay/new page needs to:
  • Display thumbnails for ALL image attachments that have been uploaded in the entire thread, not just the first post.
  • Prompt the user to select one thumbnail to nominate as the desired attachment thumbnail.
  • Have the ability to clear the nominated attachment thumbnail so it reverts back to a default image (see Requirement #6).

Requirement #3: user and moderator permissions required
Two new permissions need to be added:
  • Edit thread attachment thumbnail association by self (thread creator)
  • Edit thread attachment thumbnail association (moderator permission - can edit all)

Requirement #4: link to be phrased
For flexibility, the Edit attachment thumbnail association link under Thread Tool needs to be phrased.

Requirement #5: chosen attachment thumbnail to match XFMG style with new CSS class
Finally on the XF tag/search result page, the desired attachment thumbnail needs to match the same style (position and size) as the XFMG thumbnails on the tag/search result page.
  • By default I believe they are 76x76 in size - scaled down via CSS.
  • Setting max-width to the same width as the XFMG thumbnail to maintain aspect ratio will be sufficient - I recognise the height will be different depending on the XF attachment thumbnail size setting.
Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.03.57 PM.webp

Requirement #6: default image needed, with new style property to specify path to image
I need a default image to be displayed if the thread has not yet had an attachment thumbnail associated with the thread. The path to this default image needs to be adjustable as a style property.


- I don't have a development environment so you will need to provide this yourself.

Please start a conversation with me if you are interested in undertaking this project with your quote. Clarifications regarding this project can be made here or via conversation.
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