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Scandal submitted a new resource:

Thread Prefixes Widget Cloud - A thread prefixes widget for your sidebar etc. Prefix text's font size bazed on usage on your board.

A new xF2 widget for your board!
Display the thread prefixes that exists of your board, on a widget block. Each prefix text will have a font size from small to bigger, based on its usage on your forum threads.
Prefixes are clickable and sends you to a new page with all threads of your board (from any forum) with the current (clicked) prefix.

Minimum prefixes to display: 1
Maximum prefixes to display: 200
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Would it be possible to sort them by Display order in the widget?

And to sort the Threads found by date, most recent first?

Searching also seems a bit slow.


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When I try with my more used prefixes, the page crashes. Might be to many. And there is no pagination.
Seems that about 5000 threads work but above doesn't on my testforum.


It works in 2.2, but for my use case it misses a few features.

1. Ability to exclude specific prefixes (I modded the template with a simple conditional to do that for now)
2. Maybe context sensitivity would be good, thus when shown within a forum, only prefixes assigned to that forum would show.

1. In general, I am not sure what the condition is for a prefix to show at all.
2. How can I rebuild the cloud after making changes to the prefixes?