Duplicate Thread pages »slide around» iphone screen on 1.5.12 if logged-in

With an iPhone 4S, I found that thread pages don't lock to the right edge on XF 1.5.12 (but they do on 1.5.11). I.e., you can slide the page to the left.

The problem occurs only if logged-in.

I failed to reproduce on xenforo.com but I don't know if that is on 1.5.12 or not.

To reproduce on something else than my 1.5.12-upgraded board, I also reproduced it on a new 1.5.12 full install.

I did »reproduce» it on a desktop win-pc and Chrome in dev-mode. Screen shot below:


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I find this occasionally but after a couple of slides rounds it then locks in

It never locks when I try. But it shouldn't matter anyway. One slide-around on a mobile is one too much. When it happens, no matter what product, it communicates Oh, something's really wrong here, funny, why is it moving sideways? what the hell is this? Can't they make anything right nowadays?

My very first slide-around on XenForo showed up yesterday. I was thinking, OMG I hope this is a consequence of my own crappy edits and nothing else, but no.

I think slide-arounds should be prohibited by international laws like they did for cookies. :sneaky: