XF 1.3 Thread not viewable by Public when a member posts (Whole thread goes into moderation)


Hi Everyone,

First post on here so please be kind, first of i just want to say that i love Xenforo, for me its beating Vbulleting hands down in almost every way.

Okay back to the point, on my Forum when a registered user posts on a Thread, that thread then becomes unenviable by anyone except a moderator until it is moderated. Due to SEO reasons i want it so that only their post on that thread is hidden until it is moderated and not the whole thread. Ive looked for quite a white on the net now and cant find anything, someone please help :)

Kind regards

If a user is moderated, only their post should be hidden from view until approved, not the whole thread.

Do you have any add-ons installed?
If the thread is visible and is being set to moderated when a moderated user posts then there is a problem somewhere.

Disable all add-ons and check again.
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