Cannot reproduce Thread list date limit issue


Affected version
If the thread list date limit is used on a standard forum, it behaves correctly with the threads displayed being limited and on the last page there is a link to "show older items".

However, if that forum has a subforum in it the link to show older items on the last page is missing and there is no way for members (or search engine bots) to be even aware of the existence of more messages.

Note to moderators: I previously posted this in the troubleshooting forum which was probably the wrong place - please feel free to delete that thread or merge.

Jeremy P

XenForo developer
Staff member
I can't reproduce this. The "Show older items" link appears irrespective of whether a forum has a sub-forum. It may be worth testing this on the default style with all add-ons disabled.



Hmm, an odd one this, I wonder if it is something that develops over time or is caching related in some way.

I have just restored the date limit to the problematic forum, without changing style or disabling the addons and it would appear to be behaving correctly now across all browsers.

I will continue to monitor and update you if I see any further issues.