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XF 1.2 Thread forms


Well-known member
I searched but could not find anything related to my needs.

Is there a way or an add-on which forces users in specific subforums to fill in a thread form when creating one?

What is a thread form? Like registration form, we must fill in to be able to register.

I want to create custom thread forms and want people to fill them in when they want to create a thread.

Like ebay or something. When you want to sell a car for example, you must fill in when was it built, what kind of car, color, and so on.

Is there something like this already?

If not, should I request an add-on or make a suggestion for Xenforo? I really need this.


Well-known member
I found 2 add-ons about forms. But they are about application/contact us I think, I am not sure. I will ask them about their add-ons. Thank you.