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I would also really like this addon as well. Have an option in the adminCP to enable or disable it for boards that dont want/need it.

Luke F

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Perhaps if this were configurable to only function during or just after typing in quick reply, it might not be too heavy on server resources
Good idea.
This will be also very appropriate to "Users Conversations".

This need to be an option in Admin CP, as for intervals of updating:
  • Live: 15 secons (Not good for Perfomance)
  • Active: 60 secons
  • Background: 180 seconds
  • Off: (as default)


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The way I've seen it is as a button, "see new replies," so it would only run if you pushed the button - which you wouldn't need to do for a slow-moving conversation or if you weren't answering a question? Just tossing that in. (Usual disclamer that I don't really know what I'm talking about with the queries/server load/code stuff.)


Would like to see this also, in conjunction with the Personal Conversation feature, it could function as a chat solution as well
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