Thinking of moving hosting but need really good protection & Recommendations from community


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well after doing a lot of research i believe OVH is best, i am looking at there VPS plans as there dedicated are all sold out but, i am unsure which one to get to what my needs are.

i had a good run with host gator but they do not seem to provide a good enough protection against high brute force attacks. my site is very active and is growing high in numbers also attracting a lot of attention also unwanted. recently many mad script kiddies have been attacking my site either with a dense high brute force attack around 20-40gbps or using scripts to slow/kill my forums, symptoms include:
front page usually loads as i am using different software for that but forums almost never loads and most of the time the site doesn't load and i cannot even access my domain cpanel the whole server is usually dead, no ftp no access at all.

so i need good protection against such attacks also some friends referred to getting a BSD Server with PF tables set up. but i am not sure what this is.

i also need to know what is the recommended server specs such as OS, memory storage to run Xenforo.

because at the moment i use 2-3 CPU cores and around 30-80 mb of ram i think.

and on Cent OS Linux With Cpanel installed.

also what software packages are recommended such as image magic, ruby on rails, php 5.3-5.4, mysql, my php admin that kind of stuff

and as i do not know much about VPS hosting all i know it is closer to dedicated hosting but what would i need to set up? because i am used to using a already managed server where everything is easy for me to do using a web hosting interface via cpanel, i just import tables using my php admin restore files using ftp and presto the site is working.

so what plan do you think is best with OVH VPS? and i would prefer anything close to a self managed server with cpanel installed.

but if not possible what would i get a blank server where i have to use ssh/terminal to install all the packages such as php, mysql, ruby on rails and all the scripts manually? and cpanel + integrate the packages with it for an easy gui access?

because i dont know what to expect from VPS as i never done this before and i have played around with my mac osx system via CLI i know how to do basic installations but not sure about configuration as i configure stiff usually via GUI interface not CLI.

and i would really would like to know more about this "BSD Server with PF tables"

probably my min preference:
1 gb min
2 cores min
150gb storage min
budget $200-400USD a yer maybe $300-600 USD a year if no good plans available with previous budget.

and does OVH offer it?

i would also like to see any other recommendations outside VPS hosting and maybe other hosting with my needs above.
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hmm the more i have been reading about VPS hosting it is like setting up another Computer but Linux and doing everything manly...

ok what is the difference in the protection that ovh offers for VPS and shared hosting is it the same?

and what is the difference in OVH's shared hosting and hostgator? do they offer a pre-installed package with cpanel and all components such as php, mysql and other packages all ready pre-installed as hostgator does?

main reason i ask i may stick with shared hosting but want to see if OVH offers better then host gator and they offer better protection like how customizable is it on their share hosting plans? how similar are they to host gator?

and my last question does there protection protect from script attacks such as brute force script attacks as i suggested earlier with my sites front page is loading but forums doesn't because it is some sort of script attack.


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since i may not be ready for VPS....

Ok i am reviewing OVH share hosting packages then but i cannot seem to find any info if OVH share hosting packages support the imagemagick php extension as viewing this configuration i found in the premium technical sheet:

it only lists php 5.2 i noticed OVH support up to php 5.4. so am not sure if they support the imagemagick php extension as i do really need it for my site to operate properly.

and reading over the Premium share hosting plan as i need Unlimited SQL it says on the page but when i go to

it says Pro SQL, Database Size 1GB?

so i don't understand it say unlimited here but not when i go into further specifications

as i need unlimited space for my sql data bases and i also need around 3-4 of them, do i get unlimited space and quantity of databases?

i need preferably with a server with more then 260Mb of ram

i have checked the requirements for my forum software OVH Premium share hosting plan has everything i need but i would really like to know if you support the imagemagick php extension on later php version.

Main Concerns:
Share hosting should come with cpanel or some sort of web control?
is imagemagick php extension installed/supported?
is protection upgradable or does share hosting already come with the Vacuum "VAC" protection?
and how customizable is the firewalls?


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i know i am jumping around but i may stick with shared hosting but that depends on the security and performance of OVH

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i know i am jumping around but i may stick with shared hosting but that depends on the security and performance of OVH
Your best best is to ask the folks over at OVH directly. All I know is that you can get some decent VPS setups for not much more than what shared hosting costs.
The base on 2 of my dedicated servers is $55 and one is $69 a month.


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If you want quality shared hosting, go with Webfaction.

You can use their shared resources to keep your memory usage to almost zero or you can compile your own web server to run from your user directory. For shared hosting it's an extremely powerful environment to work in. They don't care what you compile and run from source so long as you stay within your RAM limits.

For DDOS protection use a DNS proxy layer like CloudFlare or Google Pagespeed service. They have large infrastructures that can handle and greatly mitigate a DDOS attack. CloudFlare will even present a cached version of your site if it's actually taken down by a DDOS attack.


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ok thanks i may look into them as an alternative option. i have moved up to dedicated hosting basic plan with host gator and so far it is way better then shared. so if dedicated with hostgator not good enough for the 1st month i will look into your alliterative suggestions.


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OVH added new servers, I see all their configurations available for sale in the US/Canada.