XF 2.2 Thicker horizontal rule between prefix group and unassociated selections; user selection


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I want to make the horizontal rule thicker for unassociated prefixes under prefixes in prefix groups.

Use case: If you have 2 prefix groups in a forum, when users select, the unassociated (third group) look like they are part of the second group. I would like a thicker divider. Thanks!
Now I am looking to make the prefix category header and text smaller without it changing the H3 menu header elsewhere. Thanks


(I have a few category headers and want to save on horizontal scrolling space.)
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I just tested it on my local and it works as expected ... on the forum_post_thread template.

If you want it to also apply to the forum_view template then add that to the declaration.
To clarify, your code should now look like this:
        font-size: 1px;

Feel free to increase the font size from 1px ;)

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