XF 1.3 Theme Editing Question


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In the group section of my site the font color is very dark. Could you help me fix this?
This happens in a few theme's I am currently running anyone know how to change the font color

Tracy Perry

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That doesn't look like a standard feature of XenForo. Is it from an add-on? If so, your best bet for assistance is posting in that add-on discussion thread.

Also, a link to the site you are requesting assistance for is usually suggested if you want timely assistance (or at least having it in your profile) so someone can go there and check (but this looks like it would be a specific requirement of being a registered user and an add-on in use, so usually making a test account for them to log in with would also be needed).


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Hi Tracy
Oh ok thank you, yes it is an add-on its the XFA-Social Group add-on, however I don't think is any particular theme some themes it works find an other theme it seem to change the color of the font? Just wondering if someone might know were I can fine the code that controls the color of the font? As far as a login that is hard to place an open login so everyone can read this post and login to my site. However you are more than welcome to get an account and check it out yourself if you want? Sorry for the inconvenience and sorry for posting in the wrong forum.....