XF 2.2 The uploaded file was not an image as expected


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all of the sudden we get this error trying to upload any attachments....gallery is dead too....

i found one image that somehow let me attach it but it would only insert as a link and with no embed options like usual...

seems to work here.....i cant think of anything ive changed in the last day or 2 which could possibly effect this....

no errors in console, how can i even troubleshoot this? :(


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we noticed that the gallery will accept uploads only if manually resized....attachments, if we can get one to upload, still will show no embed options or thumbnail....

i am thinking it has to be due to a server upgrade? still not sure what to do or try to look at/test etc tho...

oh yeah, btw ive read other topic on this and can also say its not about file extension...


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If the issue has happened suddenly with no changes made to XF then it's likely due to something server side.

Contact your host for any changes which have been made there.