The Give a Hug to Mike, Kier and Ashley Thread


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On the eve of the first public release of XenForo, I think it would be great for Mike, Kier, and Ashley to wake up to a ton of hugs.

Here are the rules:

If you want to send them a hug, post a reply with only the following: *hug*
Posts with anything other than *hug* will be removed, including those with smilies.

I know it can be tough for a guy to give a hug to another guy, so, post it quickly and when no one is looking, :)

I'll start in the next post (as being a guy I don't want anyone looking :p ).

Edit to update the rules: hug smilies are fine, but only a hug smilie!

Edit 2, and the word HUGGLES is fine (for goodness sakes people! lol, what a group)