The Fly Tying Bug


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Definitely, the homepage needs to be reorganized. Left column is longer than the right column, the video in the center column is breaking out of the container because it's too large for the center column. You can fix that issue by placing your recent news module in either the top or bottom position, if you're going to have videos on the homepage.
Right now, it's just not visually appealing, sorry.

Now to the styles -

  1. Please please please change the forum status icons! I really hate those particular speech bubbles (sorry Erik). IF you're going to use speech bubbles, go to the XenForo graphics forum and look for Shelley's speech bubbles. She has two different styles, and they're very nice, and sized more more appropriately. Ideally, I would like to see fish-related forum icons. Do a google for fish icons and see what you find.
  2. Also, on the Flexile style (blue), change the color on those orange category strips. The orange is very much out of place on this style. You can see how I changed mine - - and it looks mucho better (imo).
  3. Reduce the sizr of the page titles. They are huge and ugly.

I hope this helps.