The explosion in Paranormal Romance novels ... interesting.


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Have been having a mag to Chuck Mac, who runs one of the chain book stores down in Melbourne and who writes some fun Sci-Fi when the mood takes him, about the impact of PR on retail sales.

It's the fastest growing single genre in Australia with Stephenie Meyers (spit,hiss) and Charlaine Harris leading the charge. Local writer Nalini Singh is starting to pick up sales but still does better in the U.S market than down here, go figure.

Anyways Chuck can inform me that PR is their highest selling single genre by book but pure horror remains ahead in dollar terms, here talking the Spec Fiction genres (Sci-Fi, PR, Horror, Fantasy) only. PR is cheaper per book at the cash register than horror is.

Interestingly, for me at least, he is increasing shelf space for PR but surprisingly it's Sci-Fi that is losing space and not the other Spec Fiction genres.

Anyone getting similar or different results in their neck of the woods?

BTW I don't mind PR, and read quite a bit of Singh, as it keeps the dark genre up on the various charts down here.


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Part of a whole trend I guess, started by Buffy, Angel and perpetuated by various other TV shows, Books, Movies like the Twilight series (dislike those, but they are popular).

Like any genre it has good and bad elements.

I like True Blood, but dislike the Vampire Diaries and the Twilight series as vapid teenage self absorbed drivel.

It's another trend, everyone wants an undead lover apparently.

One thing always intrigues me though..... wouldn't they be cold to touch? ewwwww