The Dark Knight Rises


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.....I mean, Carlos Rises. ;)

So, I'm back. Not going into detail about it, and some of you already know.

Anyway, The Dark Knight Rises premiered on July 20th, and I was able to watch it with family 9 days later.

I am wearing my avatar with pride and honor since Batman's latest movie was legendary. I don't remember a director or film maker being able to pull a masterpiece of this magnitude. You'd have to watch it to feel the sensation that is The Dark Knight Rises.

It was so awesome, that it's the best superhero movie of all time. It's right up there with the best Batman movie ever made. And that's saying something.

Oh, and the best part is? The composer for TDKRises was the composer of Modern Warfare 2. His name is Hans Zimmer.

Here's a sample of his work in TDKR:

The co-writer of TDKR is writing the story for Black Ops 2 that's coming out this November.

Here's an interview with him relating to Black Ops 2:

So, when Black Ops 2 is released this November, expect the game to blow up bigger than any game or movie that's out there, even The Dark Knight Rises. Activision, by the time Black Ops 2's out is a Billion Dollar per year company. :)

TDKR made around $300 million the opening weekend, and MW3 made $775 million on first week of sales. So, yeah, a big blow up is possible this November.


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Welcome back! I enjoyed your forumcon article. I prefer the 2nd movie over the 3rd though.