The Basics of Styling XenForo [Deleted]

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Amaury submitted a new resource:

XenForo Styling - The Basics - A guide to the basics of XenForo styling.

Any reviews should be about the styling, not the style itself. Save those for when I release the style.

Anyway, this was originally going to be five videos of about 25 minutes each. However, I had some problems when saving them on WMM, as they would get a random black screen in the video, so I just uploaded the unedited six videos.

In a previous video, I showed the workings of the color palette. However, here I show how my styles are made.

I decided not to include music so you could completely focus on the...
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I've removed the videos showing the template edits, as I've changed my approach on that and do everything in EXTRA.css. Hopefully this weekend, I will make a new video showcasing that.

The videos showing the color palette and style properties are, of course, still there.
This is just what I'm after - video of the styling process, but I can't hear anything on the videos.
Is it just me or is there no sound?

I didn't include music or anything so viewers could focus solely on what I was doing in the videos.
Amaury, I appreciate your work on the videos, but in my opinion, the lack of vocal clues (I wasn't expecting music ;)) makes them harder to learn from - it's not always obvious what changes have been made.

Thanks all the same.
Yeah, I have to agree - at some points I got lost and did not see what effect the change had on the page. On the other hand, I learned a lot about terminology for various page components. Very helpful to this novice!
Perhaps just a voice-over would be sufficient. If I had the time, I'd try it myself (let's be honest, that would be the best way to learn hehe) ;)
If it had some kind of sound, I'd give it an A.

Without sound, it is a C- at best. I have no idea what's supposed to be going on; for an instructional video it could use a lot of help. Without sound it's a video of someone clicking on a bunch of menus. I have no idea what they are trying to accomplish - or even in some cases what WAS accomplished.


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Other people have said that having sound is a distraction.

As for accomplishing stuff, the videos clearly show what I change and what my changes change.
If it doesn't work for me, it doesn't work for many people. If you have to try to convince me that your videos work, maybe you might want to consider that I am telling the truth?
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