Having spent the past week exporting, importing and configuring etc etc... I'm now happy with my brand new XF forums and and seriously happy with it all! After using phpBB3 for the past 5 years or so and other forum software (CMS) for me this stands out head and shoulders above everything else I've seen! I had for the past year or so had vb4 in my head as the "pro option" to go for but last week I googled for the latest forum software and stumbled upon XF and I'm so glad I did :) I det up a demo and was instantly impressed by the awesome features but also by the sometimes instant replies from support (mostly Brogan).
By far the best feature is the ability to import your old forums DB and is one clever piece of creation as well as marketing as it makes life that much easier of r those wanting to keep their old posts and data! fantastic stuff!

So I just thought I'd take the time whilst I can to thank you guys for the cracking software and the support that comes with it! Money well spent and hopefully a great investment in my site



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Ahhh, another phpBB refugee. Welcome! There is quite frankly nothing feature-wise that XenForo doesn't do better than phpBB at this point ;D
thanks guys, pages? sounds interesting :) DD that would be fantastic as I'm busy tinkering with the header to tidy it up and sort a logo out. One issue I had with phpbb was the home link. You had to hack the overall_header.php file just to add a link to your main site but XF has gone beyond that obviously but I need to retrain users to be able to click on the forum header maybe to get back to the forums index and keep it simple.
I sincerely only posted here to give my thanks and have no wish to twist this into a help thread so will post a new thread if need be but once again support without even asking :cool:

ps: D.D ta for taking the time to take screenshots & stitch them together etc ;)
OOOOOOH I just found out what "pages" are :D wow it looks amazing! :cool:

DD how would I go about doing the header thing? is there a link you can give me please?


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I agree! Xenforo is awesome! Even if I haven't tried any other forum software before, it still has been pretty easy to learn, and if I had a question with something I can always come here.