thanks for making an alternitive to Ib

I hate IB worth a passion. tired of them bugging me about buying my forums since they are out to own the internet. I got my money ready for this. I know its going to have afew snags here and there but anything i can do to hurt there pocketbook am am game.


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Hi chance, welcome to XenForo.

I really hope that you purchase the software because you like it and think it will be good for your site, not just to stick it to IB. ;)
I like a lot of the extra ajax features and it just feels less cluttered. I also know he is really good at sql querrys and reducing loads on servers so i know this should work well on larger sites.


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Welcome aboard, chance, :)

Don't be too harsh on IB. Without IB, XenForo may never have been, and for that I will always be indebted to them.


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Please note we now refer to a certain product mentioned heavily in this thread as #1, but since another commercial product has taken it's place at the top of the heap then I believe we should now start to refer to it as #2 as in "I'm off to do some #2" .... oh hang about .... I'll get back to you on this one :oops: