Thank you, whomever implemented the XF Click & Element Handlers


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So I was working on porting a bespoke XF1 add-on I did for my main site to XF2 and, to be honest, it wasn't exactly the prettiest code the world (hey, nobody else was ever going to see it and it worked, mostly). I started off approaching it for XF2 with the same mindset until, lo & behold, I realized the combination of the the XF Element handler with data-xf-init would not only allow me to do the same functionality in XF2 but with a lot less & cleaner code.

So whichever of you guys came up with that one, thank you. (y)

Steve F

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Yep we ended reducing our custom code in XenBase to near zero for those things, far easier to work in XF2. ;)