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[TH] User Criteria

[TH] User Criteria 1.0.15

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Adds more user criteria for user group promotions, notices, trophies and more.

Jon W

Well-known member
Waindigo submitted a new resource:

Advanced User Group Promotions by Waindigo (version 1.0.0) - Add members to user groups based on time of day, to alter user title, name styling, or permissions.


User group promotions are a means of automatically adding members to user groups, to alter their user title, user name styling, or permissions.

This add-on adds additional criteria to the user group promotions add/edit screen in the Admin Control Panel.

The additional options allows for user group promotions to be made based on the time of day.

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Looks great :) Just got it installed, Can i make a suggestion :p I have a rank and I want my users to be promoted to the next rank after being that rank for 45 days.

So There rank C and become rank D after 45 days of rank C.

On my forum that rank is VIPBuilder which is a Paid rank and after 45 days of being that rank there upgraded to WEVIP. If they lose the rank the Timer should stop/start over if they get VIPBuilder rank back. ECT.

Jon W

Well-known member
That is definitely something that I could add. I am a commercial developer, so I would be looking for enough people to donate or for you (or someone else) to contribute the full amount towards the development of this additional feature. Please send me a private conversation message if you are interesting in contributing.


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Unfortunately, my website currently is bearly making enough money to keep us online, but if we have any money to contribute I will keep you in mind :)

Thanks for the Wonderful Plugins :p


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looks good. You can also add an option to move user around based on activity.
lets say if user is in X group and did not logged in for X day move user to X group.
or similar criteria.
This is nice, not terribly useful for me, but probably nice for many others. Job well done.

The one thing that would make it useful for me is if in addition to having many more criteria to choose from, we had more than adding someone to user groups as the action taken. Like changing certain Custom User Fields. That would be nice for changing things in batch, rather than editing one user at a time.


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Does it move user from one primary usergroup to another primary group ? Or does it just add them to new secondary group by default ?

Jon W

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User Group Promotions are a core feature of XenForo and this add-on just adds to it. There is no change to how it assigns user groups, which is always by adding to the secondary and NOT by changing the primary.

Jon W

Well-known member
I'd like to suggest changing of the primary group over secondary. Really want this. :(
When you say "changing", do you mean remove the existing primary group and add a different one, or would you demote the current primary group to a secondary? The problem with doing either of these as a promotion is that you have to decide what to do after the promotion is no longer in effect, and also what to do if more than one promotion wants to take the primary spot -- presumably you would have some sort of priority system? This sounds like quite an expensive thing to add and I can't really see the benefit. If it's something you are interested in contributing to though, please send me a PM.