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[TH] Remove From Sitemap 1.0.0

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Jon W

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Jon W submitted a new resource:

Remove From Sitemap by Waindigo - Removes selected nodes (and their threads) from the sitemap.

This add-on adds an option to allow individual forums to be removed from the sitemap, along with any threads inside that forum. This can be selected for individual forums by editing the forum in the Admin Control Panel and selecting "Remove from sitemap".

Thanks to cdub for contributing towards the development of this add-on.

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I see that it's marked as compatible with 1.4 only. Can anyone verify for sure that it will not work for 1.3? Thanks.


Oh yes, sorry, that's my mistake. I forgot that I was using an addon to create the sitemap in 1.3.

Jake B.

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Are you using CloudFlare or any other type of reverse proxy? If so try bypassing that while you install it


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Is it possible to use this add-on to remove other kind of pages from the sitemap (eg member profiles) ?