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In terms of functionality,
They are both the same. Although not sure if the other ones works since it was last updated in 2012

In terms of support,

1. The other add-on is "un-maintained"
2. The other developer is not active

In terms of price.
the other one is free

Thanks, I just wondered if there was any additional functionality in this new paid add-on; it would seem not.
Due to either a lack of interest for this product or because the previous developer code quality was not in line with our own, this add-on is being open-sourced and price removed. Anyone (developer, commercial, etc.) is free to fork the code for their own purposes.

Support or new releases will no longer be provided on this particular add-on without custom development time. To order that, please contact us. This will allow us to offer better quality support that we are unable to do with a larger selection of add-ons. If you purchased the add-on in the last 12 months, you are welcome to in-store credit for the amount of the purchase price. To do so please create a ticket.
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