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[TH] Holidays 2.1.3

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ThemeHouse updated [TH] Holidays - now with Valentine's Day! with a new update entry:

Version 2.0.0 released

Important! This add-on no longer supports XenForo 2.0. Please upgrade to XenForo 2.1 first, before updating to this version.


  • Reworked holiday effect mechanics from scratch (please be aware that any previous custom configurations will be dropped with this update)
  • Reworked Valentines, New Years & Winter effects
  • Added new holidays: Birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving & 4th of July

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@Jake B. This add-on not compatible with @Ehren this Uniform style. So please can you do compatible update your add-on for work with other style?
The .th_holiday__navInner__left class doesn't exist, so the plain div element is breaking the layout due to justify-content: center;

Adding some correct styling, including position: absolute; will fix the problem.

<div class="th_holiday__navInner__left"></div>
Breadcrumb navigation long space when addon enabled.


@Jake B. This old issue happened with this update. This add-on not compatible with @Ehren this Uniform style. So please can you do compatible update your add-on for work with other style? Also Node icon not working.
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Perfect. Thx.
Additionally 1st august (swiss day 🇨🇭 )? LOL

It work for me with IO dark theme!

First fun, then serious. I created a swissday.


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@Jake B. Breadcrumb navigation long space issue will be fixed with Adding this code to extra.less but Node icon not working for @Ehren Uniform style. So please do applie the solution. TH failing to add styling to the left div broke the layout since (with absolute positioning) it became a flex element. And despite their claims, the navigation is a flex element in the default theme too.

Adding this to extra.less will be fixed the problem Breadcrumb navigation long space issue.

display: none;

With holiday enabled.


Without holiday disabled.

Why the Halloween holiday comes not? "Enable automatic holiday selection" is activated.
Here is now 0:35 Oct 31
  • XF 2.1.4
  • Holidays 2.0.0


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There is a cron that runs hourly and triggers it to switch. Also, it'll use your server's default timezone I believe so if that time isn't the same as your local time it may get activated a few hours early or late
The witch hats are good but sadly they stop people clicking on page 2. They eend to be disabled for the top post of a page and also the reply box avatar at the bottom.
You can add pointer-events: none; to their css in the holiday styling settings. Although people can technically just use the "next" or "prev" button in the most common cases.
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