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borbole submitted a new resource:

Dislike This Post (a.k.a. Worst Posts) - Adds a dislike system for posts

This mod will add a dislike system for your posts, or a down vote system if you will. Post(s) that will be disliked for x amount of times can be set to go to the moderation queue automatically.

You can also set a limit for posts to exclude them from being disliked based on their creation date.

You can disable post disliking in a certain forum and/or forums as well.

And posts made by super admins are protected from being disliked.

That would be a good way in weeding out the bad posts...

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Is this ℅,path less with Post Ratings addon?

Is it possible to see the dislike but hide who disliked?


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Is this ℅,path less with Post Ratings addon?

Is it possible to see the dislike but hide who disliked?

Can you please elaborate a little further about the first question?

Yes, you can hide the who disliked button.


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opsss! I mean:
is this compatible with Post Rating addon?
is it possibile to hide who left a dislike?


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@Mike Creuzer

1) Is a popup necessary for dislikes? Simply clicking it would be a great option.

2) Unfortunately though we are using your UIX theme, this addon doesn't work with it. It seems to forcibly display the default theme design to the dislike button. So I can't use this without hiring a developer / designer to manually recode it.


3) The Dislike button really should go next to the like button. For some reason its on the other side of the list of buttons: Like | Quote | Reply | Dislike

4) Please consider including in the install instructions that you must go into Usergroup Permissions and enable it for certain usergroups, or it wont work. Lost about 20 mins of my day trying to figure that out.

5) Please consider putting "Dislikes" and number, under "Likes", on the username box. They are listed on the other side of the screen at the bottom.

6) Tying the Dislikes into the reputation system (assuming user has enabled trophies / reputation based on "Like" count) would be great. Every dislike would deduct 1 from that persons tally of Likes on the back end.

In its current form, I can't use this plugin unfortunately.

Sad face!
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Due to either a lack of interest for this product or because the previous developer code quality was not in line with our own, this add-on is being open-sourced and price removed. Anyone (developer, commercial, etc.) is free to fork the code for their own purposes.

Support or new releases will no longer be provided on this particular add-on without custom development time. To order that, please contact us. This will allow us to offer better quality support that we are unable to do with a larger selection of add-ons. If you purchased the add-on in the last 12 months, you are welcome to in-store credit for the amount of the purchase price. To do so please create a ticket.