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Jon W

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Waindigo submitted a new resource:

Delete Attachments Permission by Waindigo - This adds a permission for deleting attachments on top of the usual edit permissions.

This add-on adds an extra permission to allow users to delete attachments, assuming that they already have permission to edit whatever content that attachment relates to.

This might be useful if, for example, you have a user who decides to go on a bit of a rampage and edits all of their posts and remove attachments. In XenForo 1.2,...
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That would piss me off if I tried to delete an attachment and it didn't delete. How about an option that lets them 'remove' the attachment but instead of actually deleting it from the post, it unattaches from the thread and can now only be seen in AdminCP under the Attachment Browser section or associated to a subforum the way you did it in your Admin Images by Waindigo addon.

Jon W

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I did consider making this as a soft-delete option instead. The problem with this is that this add-on works for more than just forum posts -- to actually get a soft-delete option (or your suggestion) to work properly, it would probably have to be coded specifically for forum posts (and then for other content types individually) rather than as a general add-on.


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I've been using this addon for XenForo 1.1.5, has successfully installed, permissions for members but I can not find positions
Delete Attachments

Jon W

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There is nothing visible added by this add-on. The only thing you will notice is that if you don't have the permission, it will show you a no permission error if you try to delete an attachment.

Jon W

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link deleted attachments
There is no link. The attachments cannot be deleted (unless someone has the correct permission), so they will appear as normal.

Any attachments deleted prior to this add-on being installed cannot be recovered with this add-on.