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Here's a thought I had and scoped it out / mocked it up while my sites are down.

  • Add Products / Product Groups
  • Search Testimonials
  • Admin CP permission to view testimonials
  • Fetch product(s) for Product Group using PHP Callback (This would allow integration with things such as Chris' Product Manager where you pull in your products based on what products you have in your store)
  • Ability to write testimonial (Permission)
  • Delete Testimonial
  • Feature / Unfeature Testimonial
  • Show / Hide Testimonial
  • List All Testimonials
  • Featured / Random Testimonials
  • Add Testimonial
Mock Ups:
Navigation.png Product Listing.png Edit Product Group.png Edit Product.png Create Testimonial.png Sidebar Widget.png List all Testimonials.png Show : Hide Testimonial.png