XF 1.4 Template of New Profile Posts?


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Which template is the "New Profile Posts" ??

Edit: I have fopund "find_new_profile_posts"
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How can I Display "New Profile Posts" on a separate page without the new posts?
It's not about a created page.


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It is the New Profile Posts page, it's not New Posts. If you click on the New Posts tab you'll see that the page changes (check the URL).

Although there is a New Posts tab on this page, the focus is on the New Profile Posts (that's where you arrive, that's the tab that is focused).

Does it matter that there is a New Posts tab? I'd have thought it would be useful to members who, after reading any new profile posts, would then go on to look at and interact with any new posts on your site. :)


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Yes it is very important, hope that it is only the beginning and that this system will be expanded to a regular status. Is something missing forums such as Facebook is awesome!

I solved it now: