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Telling your "friends" about your likes?


Formerly CyclingTribe
I just wondered if this idea has been suggested at all?

I was thinking about how I could spread the word if I found a post I thought people might find interesting? You know, "Hey everyone, come and look at what this person has written!"

How about an option - Tell my friends about posts I like - that would simply pop an alert to people on your xF friends list when you liked something - letting them know so they could come and have a look too. Maybe the alert could say "Your friend <name> liked <link>this</link> post."

Just a thought that I wanted to "voice" ... :)

Shaun :D

PS. I've just had another thought ... maybe xF already does this? ... lol


Well-known member
I might be (read: probably am) confused, but I think this is already in Your News Feed as "[person you follow] liked [post]." I think the situation you described would serve the same purpose, since it would show it to all of your followers.

...and as I write, it clicks...do you mean as an alert?


Formerly CyclingTribe
Ah, okay, then yes - I've misunderstood.

I hadn't realised you "followed" people instead of befriending them.

I don't follow anyone so my news feed is empty, but from what I can see it serves the very purpose I was trying to suggest in my OP.

Thanks for clueing me in :)

Shaun :D