Teen held over cyber attacks targeting US government


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ATHENS, Greece — An 18-year-old has been arrested and accused of hacking into websites of the U.S. government and the international crime fighting agency Interpol, Greek police said Wednesday.

The two-year manhunt ended with the help of authorities in France and the United States, officials said. The investigation will examine whether the suspect had links to militants.

In a raid on the suspect's house in greater Athens on Monday, police seized computers, flares, shotgun cartridges, a homemade incendiary device, 130 fake credit cards, and €7,850 ($11,500) and $300 (€205) in cash hidden in a hollowed-out book, police said in a statement.

The suspect, who was not further identified, was arrested there on charges of computer fraud, forgery, illegal violation of privacy, and illegal weapons possession.

According to ekathimerini.com, the suspect was known online as "Splitter."

The website reported that the suspect had a tattoo on his back reading: "Capitalism is opportunity and opportunity is freedom."


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The police statement did not identify the computer sites that were allegedly hacked into.
Oh really.
I hope this person did something more than DDOS attacks on .gov sites ... at least something to warrant the money it took to get him arrested.

What I did like was the comment engine of the site/article.

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The teenager, who was traced to his home in Aghios Dimitrios, southern Athens, reportedly also took over the computers of unsuspecting users, accessed their data and used it to obtain new credit cards in their names.
Ok. that's definitely criminal activity.