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Tea Time!


New member
It's tea time for me.
How about you guys?
What teas ya like? where ya get 'em? how ya brew 'em?
We must rival the coffee thread!! ;)


Well-known member
What teas ya like?
I prefer the lighter teas and iced tea. Currently Bigelow English Breakfast Tea, Bigelow Orange Spice, and Bigelow Rooibos & Pear are my short list of preferred flavors. I also have an assortment of green teas and some Earl Grey.
how ya brew 'em?
Keurig K-Cup brewer
where ya get 'em?
Either directly from Keurig or from Amazon in bulk or Bed Bath & Beyond for local shopping. For the tea flavors the variety offered by Keurig directly is still the best place to shop.

Chris M

Active member
Good old fashioned PG Tips :)

In a cup, boiling hot water, 2 teaspoons of sugar and milk. Brew for 1-2 mins. Remove teabag then stir.


Well-known member
Timothy's White Tea Orange Indulgence

A different flavor for those not used to white tea. I still prefer the Bigelow Orange Spice but the Timothy's wasn't bad.