XF 1.2 Tapatalk issue: Android users cannot connect, iOS users can


I know this isn't the Tapatalk forum but their support community isn't very active so I thought I'd post my issue over here.

We had some server issues with our host last night. Got back up this morning, and a lot of my Android Tapatalk users report getting a "This community is currently not available on Tapatalk. (Error 404)"

Strangely, it works FINE on iPad and a few older Android phones like the Droid RAZR.

I'm honestly out of ideas. Our host seems to be getting slammed by tickets as they've actually disabled the ticketing system and I can't get an answer out of them.

Tracy Perry

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As stated, this is not a XenForo support issue.

Please post in the TapaTalk thread, on their forum or contact your host.