XF 1.2 Tapatalk issue: Android users cannot connect, iOS users can


I know this isn't the Tapatalk forum but their support community isn't very active so I thought I'd post my issue over here.

We had some server issues with our host last night. Got back up this morning, and a lot of my Android Tapatalk users report getting a "This community is currently not available on Tapatalk. (Error 404)"

Strangely, it works FINE on iPad and a few older Android phones like the Droid RAZR.

I'm honestly out of ideas. Our host seems to be getting slammed by tickets as they've actually disabled the ticketing system and I can't get an answer out of them.

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
It's most likely something on your hosts end that they still haven't resolved.
Have you gone to the Taptalk site and confirmed that it still has your forum listed and that it isn't showing any errors?
Have the users restarted their Android phones?

And, this would probably have been better to be placed in the local Tapatalk add-on discussion area.