Graphic TapaTalk Branded App Design

Brent W

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Need a designer that can fill these requirements for a branded tapatalk app:

App Icon: 144x144 24bit PNG
Vertical Splash Screen:1536x2048 24bit PNG
Horizontal Splash Screen:2048x1536 24bit PNG
App Icon: 512x512 32Bit PNG
Promo Graphic: 180x120 24Bit PNG
Feature Graphic: 1024x500 24Bit PNG
App Icon: 1024x1024 72DPI PNG
I'd recommend browsing somewhere like
Find a designer you like, then get in touch and try to work something out.

Icons take a fair amount of effort, and they're pretty much a design discipline on their own. Free and/or cheap icons or even splash screens are guaranteed to look fairly amateur.

Also, the Xenforo forums likely aren't an ideal place to find design talent.

Good luck :)
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