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Lack of interest Talk to myself


Formerly CyclingTribe
Couldn't you do this with a forum - just don't allow reading of other people's threads?

I have a separate forum of my own for bookmarking things and posting notes; some of the threads here at XF are pasted into my private admin forum so I can refer to them at migration time ... (y)


Well-known member
I have my admin lounge where I leave notes. All admin side note takin won't really help users on the member side :p I think it would be a waste of script to have a section where users can leave notes. Something as simple as allowing them to start conversations with themselves would suffice.


Well-known member
I would love the ability to message myself. I do this quite often.

I mean, not actually talking to myself but to send myself notes.


Well-known member
Oh yeah one of my members has said they pm themselves to keep billing notes. I mean I don't know why they'd use my forum private message system to keep track of their bills but whatever.