Lack of interest Taking on the "persona" of another member


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Facebook has this cool feature where you can create a page for your business and post items on it's wall, when you've finished, you simply switch back to your regular Facebook profile.

I'd like to see something similar in XF.

For example, say you're the admin of a forum and as well as your own personal forum account, you may have a separate account for making admin posts.

I'd like to see the ability to "decide" which profile I am (as admin) posting as. I have a default, i.e. me and a secondary profile. Any forum-related notices are made using the admin profile and everything else is posted under my personal profile.

Right now if I want to make any posts as admin I need to log out of my personal account, sign back in, make the posts, sign out and log back in again.

Multiple profiles/identities would be pretty cool I think.