Taking 10 secs to load the root folder while on litespeed and cloudflare



My website is experiencing a strange issue. When I visit the root folder of the website https://example.com/ on on SSL connection than it takes around 10 secs to load but when i visit the index.php page directly, it loads instantly as you can see in the pictures below (check the wait time). This issue only happens when i enable the cloudflare on litespeed webserver. With cloudflare disabled, it loads fine.

As you can see above, the initial wait time on the root folder while on ssl connection is more than 10 secs but rest of the page load is instant.

when I visit the index.php page on SSL directly, the website loads instantly as you can see below:

This only happens in the https pages as you can see the same is not happening in http in which both root and index.php opens instantly:

Anybody can point to the issue?

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Helpful litespeedtech staff has solved the issue in minutes. It is a bug in litespeed which will be fixed in their new release.

Just run the below command

/usr/local/lsws/admin/misc/lsup.sh -d -f -v 5.4.6

Might be helpful if faced by other users.

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