TaigaChat install

This might be a stupid question - go easy...:)

So I looked through the instructions for installing TaigaChat and it says to install the contents of the upload folder in the root of my forum - I am confused by this because if I do so, I will overwrite my current library, js, style folders:confused:

I tried installing the contents of the TaigaChat library, js, style folders into the existing folders but that did not work... and I am very reluctant to just overwrite. Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks for patience!

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
The contents of those directories should merge together, not overwrite. It depends on your FTP client. If in doubt then open each directory and upload the contents of each. Once the files are uploaded then you need to install the XML:

Admin CP -> Home -> Install Add-on