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TaigaChat - AJAX shoutbox

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Tick 'Global hook' and add the template code to PAGE_CONTAINER or one of the global ad templates or something along those lines
First thing I'd tried however nothing show up. It only works if I add this:
<xen:include template="dark_taigachat"><xen:set var="$taigachat_alt">1</xen:set></xen:include>

To the forum_list template

BTW I also tried this on a clean test install.
Is this a chat room? What's the difference between a shoutbox and a chat room? My concern is that it would take user activity out of the forums and into another place. Has this increased your community activity or taken away from it?
Please start a thread in the off topic forum if you wish to discuss the merits of a chat add-on.

As the notice at the top of the page states: "This forum is for release discussion only. Discussions that do not relate specifically to the resource release should be discussed in another, more appropriate forum."
this is brilliant, i have one small issue, i have a dark theme, so modified the dark_taigachat.css and it now looks perfect in forums root but on front page (using Xenporta block) the colors are still light background ?
When will be the next update ? The main problem is that the forum freeze one second when it's fetching messages, or it doesn't fetch messages when you're on an other tab.
Does anyone know how to add the shoutbox to the place above the forum list that you can do on the default style, but on custom styles? It doesn't show up in Aurora or Refresh.
Is there a setting that enables the above forum view? I am not talking about it being on its own page, that works fine.

Like this?

One slight niggle is every time I do a template rebuild, the position of the Chat tab randomly changes.
I have the Nodes As Tabs add-on installed too and the Chat tab can be either before or after those tabs.

I can resolve it by editing the Code Event Listener and editing the Callback Execution Order, but it would be great if these two add-ons played nice :)

Also mentioned it to Jake so he's aware.
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