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XF 1.5 Tags for Multiple Languages ?


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If I have a Forum with 2 or more languages installed, is there a possibility to have e.g.:

- Tags for english language
- Tags for german language
- Tags for spanish language

Is there a way to separate the Tags for each language installed ?
Or will it be a mixture of all languages ?


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XenForo does not support content in multiple languages. If you want tagging in multiple languages then your best option is to use multiple installs. In my experience if you combine tags across multiple languages you will end up with a large mess. Especially for the languages that you mention, because these use very similar words for the same concepts. This generally confuses a lot of people.
Alternatively you can also decide to turn off tags in the forums for other languages than your main language.


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XenForo does not support content in multiple languages.

XenForo actually does support "multiple languages" for "Notices"-content (User Criteria Settings).

You can create different "Notices" for different languages (see screenshot below) based on which Language your user is using.

The same thing could be done for "Tags" as well.



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That indeed is something, but if multilingual content implies that you can have data sets per language. i.e. have the same notice in multiple languages. Have the same tag in multiple languages. The same node in multiple languages.
The way Xenforo is currently setup it does not cater to host multiple languages from the same installation.


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in the end there would be a very easy solution to this:

Ability to create "Tag Groups"

Tag-Group 1: English
Tag-Group 2: German
Tag-Group 3: Spanish

Having the ability to create "Tag Groups" would also provide many advantages for other use-cases.

Tag Groups

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I would love to see this also I have myself a English /Japanese website and I noticed that the tags get a mess also on my test setup.