Tagging a post for another user's attention


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Apologies if I'm missing something obvious ... but is there any way in XF of tagging a post for the attention of other user(s), such that the other user(s) will get a message in their Alerts (analogous to Facebook's @username message tagging)?

OBTW, just did the first test run of cutting one of my sites over from vB. Total time from downloading 1.0.2, to being up and running with vB imported (12k users, 250k+ posts) and the site fully re-indexed ... just a shade over 2 hours. Gotta love XF. I've owned a license since the day they went on sale (just as a contribution to the legal fighting fund!), but have been waiting for a reliable JFusion bridge before I could use it in anger, and it looks like that issue is resolved. Chomping at the bit to get going!

-- hugh


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If you don't want to do it with an add-on, you can quote a random post from the user you want to alert (the text inside the quote bubble doesn't matter), i.e.:
I'm just a quote here so I get an alert (even though I get one for this one since I'm watching the thread anyway)!
It's not the most ideal way to do it, but it works.


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Thank you both.

Don't know how I missed the "Tag Me" mod (which I've installed, and does exactly what I need), I did read through the Mods forum before posting my question. I must be going blind.

-- hugh