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Hi All!

Please check out our website www.tag.ac

We have a very unique way for using the resource manager as a site sharing educational resources: http://tag.ac/teaching-resources/

It's been set up to use a wordpress interface before taking you to the resource manager area.

We've also made a guide for users to upload resources http://tag.ac/tutorial/how-to-submit-a-resource/

Please feel free to refer your members to our guide for help, or make a derivative (with attribution for the source)

We're in the top 2 million sites (200,000 in india) but currently have low activity.


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Very nice looking theme and overall excellent work. (y)

If I were to suggest a change I'd advise in changing the colour of the navigation menu trigger icon (it resides to the right hand side of the breadcrumbs) since the colour of it imo doesn't suit that excellent looking theme.

Thom Tyler

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I like it - good job. Only thing I will say, and this is a personal opinion - When I think "art" site, i think a bit more colorful. Equally though, the style does look nice - if a little sterile. A bit like an Art gallery. If that's the look you were going for, you nailed it.

Good luck!