Terrific feature, +1. It would be great to have this in the core because then category information would be in the core databases and tag categories would be handled the same for everyone.
Someone asked, in another thread, why I thought tag groups are so important. I thought it might be helpful to share what I wrote here as well:

Sure. We are a medical nonprofit focusing on chronic pain and our tags generally break down into nine categories:
  1. People
  2. Books
  3. Symptoms and Diagnoses
  4. Geographic
  5. Techniques and Approaches
  6. Challenges
  7. Special types of threads
  8. "Healing Concepts"
  9. Other
Dividing our list of tags up into these categories will make it so much easier to browse than the amorphous list of 450 phrases that we have now. People can just look at the list and immediately know what tags are for and when they should apply a tag to a thread. They can also learn very quickly the various conventions that we follow in the wording of tags (for example, it's "howard schubiner md," not "dr howard schubiner" or "dr schubiner").

Plus, when it's divide up like that, it's just more fun to browse. No one is going to browse an undivided list of 450 tags, but they may browse through the books section to find a new book to read. Likewise, if they're facing a particular challenge, they may look at the list of challenges to find someone else in the same boat.

Finally, for people who are providing help to newcomers, it can be super helpful if they can look through the list and find a link to the most relevant "Challenge" tag or "healing concept" tag to help the newbie.

Something similar can also help with applying tags. The "challenges," "techniques," "healing concepts," "special types," and "other" categories of tags can often be phrased many different ways. If there is a categorized list that people can look the tags up in, they can quickly find existing tags rather than creating a new tag. This avoids thin-content issues, which I believe is crucial for SEO, and also keep the tagging system useful, which I believe is useful in getting people to use it. People who find the tagging system useful are more likely to want to improve it, which means a better, more organized tagging system down the line.

All of that just from categories. :D

exactly the same as we already have for "Prefixes" with the ability of creating "Prefix Groups", please provide the ability to create "Tag Groups".

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Thinking about my own initial suggestion..... I think this suggestion is the wrong approach.
My initial/earlier suggestion is not the perfect solution. It is crap.


This is better:

It would be much better, if "Keyword Tags" could be made "Category specific" or "Forum specific".

- when you navigate to a "Category" in the "Resource Manager", then the "Keyword Tags" which are showing in the Sidebar... should be specific to that selected "Category".
- when you navigate to a specific "Forum" (e.g.: the Forum named "Styling and Customization Questions"), then it should show ONLY the "Keyword Tags" which have been used in this specific Forum.

implementing it like this, would provide a better "filterability" / "discoverability" (finding what you are looking/searching for) within a certain "Forum" or "Category".

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