Duplicate Tag aliases


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I run several forums which are in the finance / property niches and there is a lot of industry jargon that gets used, including lots and lots of acronyms.

Having recently upgraded to XF 1.5 and starting to get thread tagging happening, I've found it a bit frustrating to have to choose between using acronyms versus the expanded form - and in many cases there are multiple terms which mean the same thing.

I'd love to be able to define a tag as being an alias of another tag with the behaviour being clicking on an alias tag redirects you to the other tag.

For example, if I have the following tags:
  • ppor
  • principal place of residence
  • main residence
Where "Main Residence" is now the official Australian Tax Office (ATO !!) term for what was previously known as "Principal Place of Residence", aka PPOR.

I want the URL /tags/ppor/ to redirect to /tags/main-residence/ and similarly /tags/principal-place-of-residence should also redirect to the same /tags/main-residence/

I have dozens of examples of acronyms and other synonyms that I'd like to be able to have exist as tags but have redirect to a common tag.

Part of the point is that PPOR is still a very frequently used term - I don't want to just rename this tag to Main Residence because I still want there to be a /tags/ppor/ page - partly to help people who don't know that the terminology has changed or who don't know what the acronym actually stands for - but also for the SEO benefit.

From an SEO point of view, I'm not sure if redirecting the URLs is the best approach - but I'd somehow like to be able to associate multiple tags as related or synonyms.

Perhaps this is better dealt with using some form of glossary - but anyway, I like how Wikipedia lets you create synonyms for terms - I was just thinking that perhaps tags might work well if we could do the same.