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TAC(Tenants Anti-Spam Collection) - Anti-Spam (Free Version) 1.1.5

Anti Bot, Anti Country, Anti human, Api, Captcha ... Anit SPAM Collection!

  1. tenants

    tenants Well-Known Member

    tenants submitted a new resource:

    TAC(Tenants Anti-Spam Collection) - Anti-Spam (Free Version) (version 1.0.0) - Anti Bot, Anti Country, Anti human, Api, Captcha ... Anit SPAM Collection!

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  2. tenants

    tenants Well-Known Member

  3. tenants

    tenants Well-Known Member

  4. tenants

    tenants Well-Known Member

  5. tenants

    tenants Well-Known Member

    Since there is quite a lot here, a quick set up guide for most boards:

    Once you have installed each add-on

    1) Go to the AnyApi settings and turn everything of expect StopForumSpam (most forums don't need more than one API)...
    2) Turn off StopCoutrnySpam (it's only useful for large boards getting human spam from certain countries, since FBHP stops all bots). If you are getting spam from particular countries, set the JSON Request URL and index name from here : http://xenforo.com/community/threads/stopcountryspam-paid.36271/#post-412948
    3) For CustomImgCaptcha change your default Captcha Images (in the ACP options)
    4) Leave StopHuman spam as default (you can change the settings as you see fit later on)
    5) Leave FoolBotHoneyPot as default (It stops all bots as it is)
  6. tenants

    tenants Well-Known Member

  7. Cheesegrits

    Cheesegrits Active Member

    I just installed this, but it seems to have an older version of StopHumanSpam (1.1.0) than the version I purchased separately (1.1.2). I have re-uploaded the paid version's code library, over the top of the free version.

    I'm assuming I've done the right thing?

    -- hugh
  8. tenants

    tenants Well-Known Member

    Yes, the individual plugins will always be newer than the packs
  9. ThunderBird2

    ThunderBird2 Member

    just want to remove Tac Anti-Spam From Surrey Forum after installing Complete Anti-Spam package (free version), kindly how could I eliminate TAC copyright since too many copyrights on the footer?
  10. speedway

    speedway Well-Known Member

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  11. tenants

    tenants Well-Known Member

  12. tenants

    tenants Well-Known Member

  13. usAdultAds

    usAdultAds Active Member

    I thought I would give this a shot, so I installed this addon....
    In under an hour, I have 50 pages of spam logs, and growing....
    and this is pretty much a new forum, as new as one can get....

    my question is, between this addon, and your other spam addons, is there
    any chance real members being blocked? and if so, how do I deal with that,
    because if any of your addons should block a live member from signing up,
    then it blocks them, how should i proceed to get them on the forum if they are blocked?
    as i do not see any options to whitelist ips if need be, at least not with this addon....

    and what do you mean by branding, as I have not seen any branding links....

  14. tenants

    tenants Well-Known Member

    FoolBotHoneyPot : No (not unless they modify hidden fields, and then they can always attempt again without altering the hidden fields)
    StopCountrySpam: Yes (If you block a country that you didn't mean to, or block proxies and the user uses proxies)
    StopHumanSpam: Only stops the post from being created (with a warning as to what the error is, so the user can remove the issue.. such as links in their content)
    CustomImageCaptch: Yes (If you create impossible CAPTCHAs.. so dont! check your logs for the number of humans:bot fails, and remove any CAPTCHAS that are hard for humans)
    AnyApi: Yes (Some APIs return false positives, so use as few APIs as possible, I don't use any, they aren't needed)
    StopBotters API: Potentially, but very unlikely (it's caught over 2.5 million bots without a false positive being reported)

    White listing is not an option, and should not need to be if your plugin is set up correctly. If you need to white list somebody, then there is an issue with the plugin. This option is not available and wont be available for any of the plugins. If an API is detecting an IP address incorrectly, the issue is with the API (so turn the API off, any API that detects false positives is not a good API in my opinion)

    For FoolBotHoneyPot, check your own logs, there are various indicators to tell you it's a bot (the number of hidden fields they alter, time to register, JavaScript disabled, proxy detection, and they are also often detected with many APIs.. this data is all available in your FBHP logs).. FoolBotHoneyPot does not care about IP address white listing (read here to find out how it works), if a user is getting detected by FBHP, then they are using a bot!

    All of these ideas were based on avoiding false positives
    - false positives can creep in from 3rd party APIs (so don't use them if you don't need to)
    - false positives can creep in from bad CAPTCHA image design (so make them easy for humans)

    Overall, set it up using intelligence and you wont have an issue. For users where intelligence is a limited resource, just install FBHP + StopHumanSpam in their default state, and do not install StopCountrySpam/CustomImgCaptcha/AnyAPI... and you'll still be fine

    Branding is at the bottom (the footer), which forum do you have this installed on?
  15. usAdultAds

    usAdultAds Active Member


    unless I am just blind, I dont see it. I have enough links already on the footer.
    so if anything, I may get honeypot, maybe humanspam also...
  16. tenants

    tenants Well-Known Member

    You need to add it to the footer like it is here: http://ai-stockmarketforum.com/
    Or pay for the unbraded version
    Or remove it :confused:

    It might be the Aurora theme overwriting the footer
  17. usAdultAds

    usAdultAds Active Member

    no problem my friend...
    so which is better? AnyAPI, or HoneyPot?
    According to you, members can fall through the cracks on AnyAPI, and from
    what I read on HoneyPot, it catches 100% of bots, which appears to be better,
    but you are the master of your addons, so you would know best.


  18. tenants

    tenants Well-Known Member

    To be honest, they all have different jobs... it depends what your issues are.

    If you don't have any spam issues, you don't need them ;)

    If you have human spam issues, then use StopHumanSpam
    If you have spam issues from a particular country, then StopCountrySpam
    For bot issues: FoolBotHoneyPot + CustomImgCaptcha (or just FBHP)

    AnyApi is just there for people that feel reassured with overkill... But API's never get 100% of human or bot spam

    Install them, try them.. you can always un-install anything you don't like
  19. tenants

    tenants Well-Known Member

  20. usAdultAds

    usAdultAds Active Member

    right now it is 100% bots 100% of the time....
    they are signing up left/right, posting crap, junk, links,
    and they post junk that makes no sense stuffed with links...
    I have already gotten at least 50 spam posts just in jap-en-eze.


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