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How do I get the tabs you use here on my RM? Updates, Discussions, etc.

Here's what I'm seeing on my site after creating my first Resource.

Have you configured the category to create a resource thread on submission?

The specific option is "Automatically Create Thread in Forum".

You will need to resubmit any resources after doing so.

The Updates tab appears automatically once you update a resource.
Ok. Thanks. One quick thing, I uploaded a new resource and added a Cost to it. It's internal, so it's an attached resource.

How does the collection of money work? I notice you can just download it. Plus there's a "buyers" section?? What's that used for?

Thanks in advance.
Payment processing is external.

The purchase button would simply be linked to a URL such as starting a conversation, a PP address, etc. and there would be no attached resource.
The option creates a thread linked with the resource, which automatically adds a "Discussion" tab to the resource ... which links to the thread.
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