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cclaerhout submitted a new resource:

Tabs controller - Control your XenForo & extra tabs: modify their original position (home, middle, end), etc.

Tabs controller

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This addon adds a layer to control your extra tabs and some of the XenForo tabs. You can modify their original position (home, middle, end), you can disable some of them (completely, by usergroups or by view names) and add to them some extra css class.

With XenForo 1.x, the tabs position is decided by developers and if an admin wants to modify it, he has to edit the code which is not convenient. Some theme are using...
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Hello Cédric, Can I add new tabs with this addon?
Nope, this addon purpose is only to help admins (and I ^^) to manage Tabs position in order to avoid to edit manualy some files of some addons.

Honestly, there are not so much space in the tabs line to add a lot of tabs, so the ones of existed addons are enough for me. But you can look those addons:
I tried the first one a long time ago and it was working very well ; the second is just new. But in both case as I've just said, I don't need (at least at the moment) to add extra tabs.


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I've been testing with both, but there are some small things to improve with those addons,
I already posted today that info in that threads.
nodes as tabs & custom tabs
I need just couple of new tabs, still looking. :coffee:
Your addon looks great, thanks for share!

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Only re-ordering, disable and customize existing tabs. That's why it could be nice if @Siropu could integrated these features in his Custom tabs addon (I don't need for my own needs to add custom tabs, but it would be easier for admins like you to have a single addon).
You can re-order tabs with the addon by @Siropu but you cant enable/disable tabs

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@cclaerhout When I have your addon installed alongside 'custom tabs' there are no sub links (from Custom Tabs) on my sub navbar...


But when I disable the Tabs controller I can see the sublinks...

sublinks showing.png

(Ignore the Tab heading, it's the same tab being displayed in both pics)