Table in post sometimes causes icons and text to freeze

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I've seen this a few times. It has seemed OK recently so I thought it had been fixed, but just happened here (2.2.8?).

After inserting a table into a message, the text will freeze. No text is selectable. All the bbcode icons are greyed out. At first I thought that may be because I had mistakenly click on the [ ] icon but that was also greyed out. However the icons do respond on mouse hover (including the [ ] icon.

Closing the tab and re-opening the message is there as it should be, all text selectable and icons showing and responding as expected.

This is with safari 15.0

NB: in this case the table in the text was due to copying and pasting from an email from Google.

Screenshot 2021-09-29 at 13.46.25.png
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