Table 'fnlsynet_bboards.xf_session_admin' doesn't exist



I am moving webhosts and my xF installation is the last one I need to move.

I downloaded and uploaded all the files from one ftp server to the other.
I created a new MySQL database on the new server.
I did a dump via phpmyadmin on the older server and uploaded it to the new server.
I changed the nameservers on my domain registrar.

I'm getting the following message:

The table xf_session_admin doesn't exist on either my new host or the old host.
I have tried doing a second download of the database just incase there were errors with the same result.
The database is only very small. 6mb.

Any suggestions on steps to take to fix this?

Please, I am a novice with MySQL etc, so please explain things to me as if I'm a little bit stupid. ;)


I'm such an idiot. Before I installed my forum on xF I did have it on vbu||etin. ...and I imported my vb database.

Sorry to have wasted your time.

*entering full embarrassment mode*